About Me

So I am Rosie (Rosalyn)

I am Seventeen

My luck Number is 13 and has been for as long as i can remember.

My Birthday is on 18th July

I am 100% British

I play Piano, Guitar and Drums

I love writing, i write poems, songs and stories and have been writing since i was eleven.

My favorite singer is Taylor Swift, followed by Tyler Ward and Tiffany Alvord.

I Love Fairytales, but the originals that the Grimm brothers wrote, not the Disney version.

I always draw a heart on my hand showing that love is always around. (At the moment it is a pink heart)

I love Hunger games, read the books in three days. **Team Peeta** I kind of wanted Gale to die at the end.

I Love Harry Potter, although i think harry should have die and been gay, and if he did live should have married Ron.

My Favorite words are Epic, Awesome and Swiftie.

Here Places to stalk me…

Booksie (For my writing)-

Wattpad (Also has some writing)-





Taylor Connect-



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